Specialty Services from Shine Facility Services:
VCT Flooring Strip and Wax/Refinish

Shine Facility Services provides expert strip and wax (or more precisely, strip and finish) services to scores of clients throughout the San Francisco metro area.

Unlike many companies, we don’t just grab whoever’s available when it comes to specialty services but have assembled a team of highly experienced floor care experts that understands the nuances of even the most challenging situations.

Commercial Facilities Need Regular, Scheduled Floor Maintenance to Protect Floors from:

Loss of Appearance​

If floors are not maintained on a regular basis, appearance may be damaged permanently, and nobody (employees, customers, clients) wants to look at dirty appearing floors in their facility all day! You are judged as an employer or a vendor by the appearance of your facilities and flooring is one of the most important ways to make an impression—positive or negative!


Flooring is expensive to replace prematurely and if you haven’t budgeted for flooring replacement you may end up living with damaged, ugly floors to the detriment of your business. Proper, scheduled maintenance can add years to the life of your flooring!


“Clean equals healthy” in the minds of your employees and visitors to your business. Gleaming floors say that you care about proper maintenance and proper maintenance is the first step to a healthy environment!

The Shine Strip & Wax/Finish Difference!

Other Specialty Services Available:

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