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When Does Your Small Business Needs Commercial Janitorial Services?


It’s pretty safe to say that everyone prefers working in a neat and clean environment. It just makes the work less stressful and lowers anxiety. However, many small businesses don’t have a dedicated janitorial staff to provide this stress-free environment because of their budget. However, this can put a burden on workers who might get stuck with the responsibility of cleaning and decrease their productivity in their regular duties. In addition, besides potentially damaging employee morale, these people may not know how to clean as well as professionals. Here are some of the key situations where you should consider hiring commercial janitorial services.


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1) You Have Higher Level Staff Doing Routine Cleaning Work

This is often a problem in small businesses of between 5 and 15 individuals, particularly in fields like design, marketing, IT, and others. Even if you have a fair system where everybody pitches in, you’re still wasting time and money as you make your employees clean. That time and money would be better spent paying them to do the work they were hired for, rather than having them do janitorial services that they have not been trained to do.


2) Your Business Has Over 5 Workers

Even with strong office rules and practices, things can get disorganized and dirty quickly. It only takes a few stacked dishes for a kitchen to become unusable or full trash cans for garbage to back up. This is where commercial services are very helpful. You can arrange for them to come to match your schedule and budget. More importantly, they can do the jobs that might not be assigned to anyone from mopping floors to changing light bulbs and other key fixes you need to keep your office running peaceably.


3) You Have Handiwork That Needs to be Done

In any office, there’s always one thing or another that needs to get done. For example, you might need to install new electrical equipment, paint a couple of walls, or get things fixed. Once again, this is a job best left to professionals. You don’t want your $1,200 new monitor to crash to the floor because it wasn’t mounted properly. With commercial janitorial services, you can be certain all handiwork is safely and securely taken care of.


4) You Need Things Tidied After an Event

Every business has its share of events, big and small, from an employee birthday party to a group conference. With each of these, it’s essential that when everything is over that your office gets put back together in one piece. After these big events, commercial janitorial services work to take care of everything from removing decorations and garbage to getting the furniture back in the right place so that everything is clean and sparkling by opening time the next day.


Upgrading to Commercial Janitorial Services

These days, there’s more pressure than ever on small and medium businesses. Managing your budget is important, but it’s also vital to use time wisely. With the right janitorial industry partner, you can keep your employees focused on their work in a productive and clean environment so they can do their best helping your business achieve the growth and stability it needs to thrive. Contact Shine Facility Services to see how we can be an excellent partner for your company’s success.  

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