Tips For Bringing Pets Into the Office From Cleaning Experts

Does your office allow you to take your pet to work? Maybe not on a daily basis, but perhaps once a month? Studies show that pets in the workplace have a positive impact on employee productivity and their morale. Companies that allow pets at the office report having a decrease in absenteeism from employees.

If pets are allowed in the office, it’s very important that they have a pet-friendly place to go, making it safe for both the pet and the employees. The office should be clean and sterile, and using green cleaning products reduces the risk of the pets becoming ill due to the chemicals used in regular cleaning supplies.

Here are some tips on how you can create a safe environment for pets to come in and rule, err we mean to visit, the office.

Keep Pets Safe in the Office

  • Implement safe areas for pets, such as inside offices so they can feel relaxed and at ease. Child-proof safety gates work to keep the pets secure in one area. 
  • Employees should bring blankets, toys, food, and water so the animals feel comfortable in their new surroundings.
  • Determine if the plants in the office are poisonous to animals and remove any that are.
  • Make sure the office as covers on ventilation openings so small pets don’t get into the ventilation system.
  • After pets leave, the areas where pets were located should be thoroughly washed and sanitized, especially if employees have allergies. Vacuuming the carpets along with shampooing them will help eliminate animal hair and dander.

For professional commercial office cleaning, whether you allow pets in your office or not, reach out to our team today.

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