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The Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association’s Janitorial Best Practices Report

The Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association (PRSM) recently put out their newest groundbreaking report, “2019 Best Practices: Janitorial”. As one of the strongest influencers in the industry, PRSM’s newest report is a must-read for any executives in facility management. We predict that this report will be the basis of all companies service standards in the coming future. Fortunately, most of these suggestions and standards laid out here are already the basis of Shine’s work ethic today.

PRSM’s Suggestions

The report is essentially an aggregate of twelve in-depth case studies conducted by PRSM to guide efficient facilities management. Bill Yanek, CEO of PRSM, understands that janitorial services are typically one of the highest expenses for a company, especially in retail stores. That said, their goal with this report is to help business owners and facility managers be as efficient as they possibly can to save on these costs.


The twelve case studies each cover a specific element of a typical janitorial program from scheduling and automation to cleaning techniques and supplies. The list of case studies go as follows:


  • Self-Performing vs. Third-Party Service Delivery in Floor Care and Janitorial Trades
  • Consolidating a Locally Managed Janitorial Program into a Corporately Managed Program
  • Janitorial Program Management – Self-Perform / Subcontract / Both
  • The Importance of Quality Assurance
  • Attendance Tracking by IVR or Geotag/Geofencing
  • Hours-Based vs. Performance-Based Contract
  • Cleaning Service Bundling: Increased Results & Efficiency
  • Floor Care Scheduling
  • Keep Floors Inviting and Clean—No Matter the Type
  • Hard Floor Care That Makes Retail Shine—A Holistic View
  • Extending the Life of Your Carpet
  • Creating a Standardized Cleaning Chemical Program


As demonstrated, PRSM’s collection of case studies is varied and relevant, and we predict that these will be followed acutely by many companies in the future.


Shine Facility Services Moving Forward

Shine understands the importance of having the most state-of-the-art services available for their clients. Included in the services for any facility management company should be much more than the basic janitorial services themselves. Whether it is taking communication to a much more efficient level, or streamlining and automating janitorial services, your facility manager should always be going over and above the standard to satisfy your needs as a client.


If you as a business owner are not fully informed on the program that your facility manager is employing for you, it is time to start asking questions. We believe that what makes a great facility manager stand out among the rest is the infrastructure that occurs behind the scenes, to ensure you are getting the most efficient and appropriate service for your business. For that reason, Shine Facility Services pay meticulous and, sometimes, tedious attention to detail to render the best service for each of our clients, based on the standards laid out by this massive industry led by PRSM and many other related associations.


To learn more about what Shine Facility Services can do for you and your business, don’t hesitate to reach out for consultation. Your time is worth the investment.