How to Prepare Your Facility for the Return to Work

2020 was a tough year for a lot of people. Employees had to get used to working from home, students had to learn remotely and everyone had to adjust to “a new normal.” However, as life slowly gets back on track, it’s time to prepare your facility for the return to work.

If you’ve been out of the office for over a year, your facility could likely use a check-up. Use this list to learn what you can do to ensure a safe return when bringing your employees back to the office.

1. Have Your Facility Deep Cleaned and Disinfected

One of the easiest ways to get your facility ready for the return of employees is to disinfect and deep clean the entire facility. Deep cleaning and building disinfecting are vital for ensuring a safe return. These services can be eco-friendly and help ensure that your business is doing everything possible to follow current CDC guidelines.

Deep cleaning services can include high to low dusting, surface cleaning, carpet cleaning, restroom disinfecting, and floor stripping and waxing. Professional cleaning services also include the cleaning of things like keyboards, door handles, elevator buttons and light switches.

After returning to the office, make sure you keep up with the proper cleaning practices by hiring a commercial cleaning service to provide dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and more. Proper cleaning will keep employees safe and help them feel healthier and happier at work.

2. Evaluate Your HVAC Systems

If your employees have been working remotely, it’s probably been a while since your HVAC systems have seen regular use. The CDC provides guidance on building ventilation, as proper ventilation is important for maintaining employee health and reducing the risk of virus transmission. Make sure that your systems are up to code to provide the best health conditions for your employees.

HVAC systems should also undergo regular maintenance. Replacing air filters and assessing your facility’s HVAC units and systems will help your business maintain higher air quality.

3. Check Electrical Systems

Just like your HVAC systems, your electrical systems should be surveyed by a qualified professional before employees return to work, as these systems have likely also been used less in the past year. Less usage means a smaller chance of detecting any problems and the possibility of problems arising when electrical systems are at full power distribution again.

Bring in qualified electricians to bring your office’s power distribution back to pre-COVID levels and ensure there are no issues with the system. It is also important to make sure that the electrical systems used in an emergency are functioning properly.

4. Prepare Water Systems

Water constantly running through your pipes keeps them cleaner. Water sitting in pipes for an extended period of time can lead to legionella and other bacteria growth. It can also lead to metals like lead and copper entering the drinking water due to corroded pipes. Because water has likely been stagnant in your facility’s plumbing system for some time, you need to prep your water systems for regular use.

You should test your plumbing and water systems before bringing employees back into the office. CDC guidance suggests flushing the water system, maintaining a proper water temperature and regularly testing the water for bacteria. You should schedule plumbing maintenance and repairs regularly, as water is important for employee health.

5. Prep the Parking Lot

The last thing you should do before welcoming employees back to your facility is to prepare the parking lot. You want your employees to be confident about their return to work, and a clean, well-maintained parking lot will contribute to that confidence.

Parking lot maintenance is important for keeping the outside of your facility beautiful, but it also helps prevent contamination and improve drainage for your facility.

Prepare for the Return of Employees With Shine Facility Services

The past year has been long and difficult for many. As employees begin to come back into the office, it is important to do all you can to make the transition easy. Facility management and janitorial services offer a great way to get everyone back to the office efficiently and safely.

At Shine, we provide all of the facility management and janitorial services you need to get your facility prepared for a safe return to work. We are committed to green cleaning and provide a five-star experience for all of our clients. Our staff follows all current CDC guidance and strives to help you keep your employees healthy.

Ready to prepare for a safe return to work? Contact Shine Facility Services today!

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