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Why Communication and Follow-up is Critical for Success in the Janitorial Industry

Competition is stiff in the janitorial and facilities management industries.  The more services offered by these companies, the more reasons for a progressive and an all-encompassing communication plan. Effective dialog includes both the external communications between the client and the service company and the interactions within the company itself.

A successful business needs to make sure there are no communication breakdowns externally or internally.  Shine Facility Services, a facility management company in California’s Bay Area, wants to display its dedication to its successful communication plan.


When Does Communication Go Wrong

There are two essential aspects of communication: listening, and asking the right questions.  A dedicated staff, the use of modern equipment, and 24-hour service will not matter if the client’s level of expectation is lowered by fragmented communication.  Whether the request is for janitorial services or any repairs to building systems, the professionals at Shine Facility Services are trained in both the task and the communication.

It should never be assumed that “no news is good news.”  A reputable services company will always ask for client feedback at the completion of the job.  Communication of the results will solidify the relationship with the client and will demonstrate the business will cooperate when adjustments or corrections are necessary.

Lastly, proactive actions are paramount. Bring potential problems to the attention of those in charge before they become a bigger problem. This will likely create a higher degree of trust from the client, as being honest and responsible demonstrates the value of your service.


Procedures Speak Volumes

Any company offering commercial cleaning and office maintenance services after hours will not usually get the benefit of the personal dialogue with the customer.  The use of an on-site logbook is a straightforward way to detail any concerns, complaints, and requests for follow-up.

In addition, the client needs to be made aware of the procedures regarding e-mail management.  It is important for the client to use the company’s standardized forms for repairs and tasks requests.  When a request is reduced to writing, the chances are more significant for better communication between the client and the person delivering the service.  A client will be sensitive to any break in the communication chain.

The allegiance to on-site job logs, the management of e-mails and the use of standardized forms will prove to the client that an effective communication plan is both in place and in practice.  A services company is responsible for the training of both its employees and the employees of the client, on the procedures for submitting new tasks, change orders and follow-up through the full completion of a request.


Follow-up Communication

Mistakes and miscommunications will happen.  The variable that separates the successful commercial cleaning company from the others is the manner in which these matters are handled.  Follow-up must be a part of the overall procedure and included as a section within any standardized request form. This communicates a sense of responsiveness.

Responsiveness and continued communication send the clear message that individualized and professional services are paramount to the company and its mission.

Nothing Happens Without a Plan

A successful communication plan needs to be discussed with the client.  In the competitive industries of facility maintenance and commercial cleaning, the client must be sure of the preparedness for a request, the follow-up, the responsibility for errors and the responsiveness for changes.

The quality of any offered service needs to be factually communicated to the customer and attested to by its other clients.  A successful company will always provide references.

The proud and dedicated professionals at Shine Facility Services realize the importance of effective internal and external communications to grow its market share and retain its current client base.  It is because of the active communication plan in practice that Shine Facility Services can offer the highest quality of building care and maintenance services in the Bay Area.

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