ISSA CIMS Certification for Cleaning Companies

Facility managers are responsible for many different jobs, all of which ensure the environment they work in is comfortable, safe and efficient. One of their duties is to often to hire an outsourced cleaning company. A clean facility is essential to promoting productivity and organization, as well as building safety for employees and workers. But with so many cleaning companies to choose from, how can you be sure you’re hiring a reliable and qualified team?

One of the best ways to tell how well a contractor operates is by checking whether or not they have an ISSA CIMS certification for cleaning companies. The certification standards demonstrate an organization’s ability to meet customer requirements and provide high-quality services. Working with a CIMS certified contractor can make your job as a facility manager easier.

What Is the ISSA CIMS Cleaning Standard?

ISSA, The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association, has been active for nearly 100 years. First founded in 1923 as the International Sanitary Supply Association, ISSA has grown to include over 75 partners, from local to countrywide organizations and leading worldwide corporations. The association provides education and networking for those involved in the cleaning industry and serves as a leading resource on a global scale.

The ISSA Cleaning Industry Management Standard, or CIMS, provides a way for cleaning companies to stand out from competitors and for facility managers to choose a reliable contractor. To earn CIMS certification, a cleaning company has to meet the standards in six distinct areas:

  • Service delivery: The organization has a Service Delivery Plan detailing the procedures they take to deliver services effectively. The plan includes workload, bidding and costing, budgeting, work plans and instructions, and what to do in uncommon cases, such as contingency plans, special requests, emergency responses, disaster plans and charge-backs. Service delivery standards also involve purchasing procedures, like inventory control and equipment maintenance and repair.
  • Quality systems: The organization measures their performance by way of a written Quality Plan. The plan details the requirements of customers and sets the standard of service. Tools for measuring quality include surveys, inspections, complaints and customer evaluations.
  • Management commitment: The organization shows that it has created and enforces management systems to meet their customers’ requirements. They demonstrate that they have a defined mission, vision and values, plans for business, training and strategy, designated responsibility and authority, communication plans and risk management compliance.
  • Human resources: The organization demonstrates that it manages workers — also referred to as human capital — effectively and efficiently. They should also have a written policy regarding human resources and management, detailing hiring practices, site-specific orientation, an executive development or education program, management training, cleaning personnel training, security and payroll.
  • Health, safety and environmental stewardship: The organization’s services are sustainable, healthy and safe. This standard includes compliance with the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard and an environmental management system and policy.
  • Green Building (GB) standards: CIMS Green Building certification standards include a green cleaning policy and a green and high-performance cleaning program. The program consists of staffing, safety and green cleaning training for supervisors and workers and chemical handling, storage and disposal. To obtain the Green Building certification, the organization has to meet these requirements as well as all five CIMS standards.

ISSA certification requirements and CIMS standards target every area of an organization, rather than focusing on a specific employee, position, product or procedure. Since it has a more general focus based on a set of principles, it’s also scalable, meaning the certification can apply to businesses of every size.

Why Select a CIMS Certified Cleaning Company?

When it comes time to outsource cleaning and facility maintenance, finding the right company can be a challenge. You can read reviews and ask for advice from other facility managers, but ultimately, you won’t know how they perform until you see their work. But you won’t have to guess if you contract a certified team. CIMS Certification allows you to hire with confidence.

Selecting a CIMS certified cleaning company means you’ll benefit from:

1. Proof of Quality Services

An ISSA CIMS cleaning certification is a valuable tool for cleaning companies and facility managers looking to outsource maintenance services. Organizations typically have independent standards and policies, and many can claim they have high-quality services and products. But an official certification from an accredited organization — such as ISSA — confirms their abilities.

With ISSA CIMS certified cleaning companies, you have the perk of knowing they live up to the standards and requirements of a trusted quality assessment organization. ISSA has a thorough assessment procedure, and you can review a copy of the written CIMS to verify that their standards meet your expectations. As a facility manager, you can also require that your contractors have the certification before applying, increasing your chances of a successful hire.

2. IFMA-Supported Organizations

The International Facility Management Association (IFMA) is an enthusiastic supporter of CIMS. They understand that companies with a CIMS certification can improve your experience and make your job easier to accomplish. No facility manager wants to work with a problematic cleaning company, but a valid certification through ISSA can help you hire a reliable contractor. Since IFMA has made their support known, more purchasing professionals and facility managers are making CIMS certification a requirement for cleaning contracts.

3. Comprehensive Qualifications

The certification standards for CIMS expand beyond cleaning services in general. They also include the company’s management, educational pursuits, health and safety requirements, products and more. By evaluating the organization in all areas, you’ll know they have a high value and that you can trust them to handle more than cleaning. If you hire a contractor for cleaning services and decide to give them more responsibilities, you’ll know they can handle it.

In a collaborative effort, three communities developed the CIMS certification program — the cleaning, facility management and purchasing industries. The process also involved the IFMA and the Institute of Supply Management (ISM). Since it was a collective effort, the requirements cover all the necessary bases for success in multiple areas.

Trust Shine Facility Services With Your Cleaning Needs

Shine Facility Services is partnered with ISSA to bring you the best in cleaning and maintenance services in the California Bay and Silicon Valley areas. From office complexes to universities to warehouse centers, our team of professionals can handle any maintenance or janitorial project. Our mission is to provide you with high-quality customer service and green products and processes to make your facility a better environment. With 15 years of commercial experience and expertise, you know you’re hiring a reliable contractor.

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