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5-Point Checklist: Easy Deep Cleaning Tips for the Office

When working in an office space, germs and bacteria are inevitable. This is because there are usually so many people coming in and out. That’s why the more things you can do to keep your office clean the less you run the risk spreading those horrible germs. So today we’re discussing ways you can deep clean your office space using a few inexpensive cleaning tips.


Below are 5 deep cleaning tips that you can use in any office:

1. Keep Disinfectant Wipes Handy

Having disinfectant wipes around in various places is a great way to keep up on your deep cleaning at the office. Leave them in places like the bathroom, the kitchen, or in a closet so that employees can access them easily. You can get cleaning wipes in bulk at stores like Costco and Sams club.

The best thing about disinfectant wipes is that you can use them to clean virtually anything. They can help you clean an office desk, the kitchen counters, the appliances in the kitchen, or even wipe down the bathroom. 

2. Have Friendly Reminders for Employees

It doesn’t hurt to place notes in certain areas reminding employees to help out with cleaning when they can. Think of it as a friendly reminder. Instead of just reminding them to wash their hands in the bathroom, remind them to put their dishes away or help wipe down the counters before they leave for the day.

You can also use this opportunity to create a weekly routine at the office and remind employees to complete certain tasks before the week is up. Tasks like making sure all the trash is in a designated area or even taking a swifter to the bathroom.


3. Create a Community Cleaning Supply Bin

No matter what the size of your office is, having a community bin for eco-friendly cleaning products never hurts. With this idea, employees will enjoy doing their part in bringing in cleaning products from their homes. It’s a great way to get them more involved in deep cleaning the office.

This is also a good place to keep your cleaning supplies so that employees have easy access to them. That way cleaning won’t be such a hassle and they can get it done quickly and get back to work.

4. Spray the Computers with Duster

Just like you should keep disinfectant wipes handy, you should also keep a few bottles of duster around. This way you can easily spray down all computers and keyboards to eliminate the dust buildup. Keep a bottle at each desk for each employee to dust off their electronics once a week.


5. Place Automatic Cleaner in the Toilets

Though this doesn’t prevent your toilets from needing a good deep clean at least once a week, it does help keep them clean in the meantime. And it keeps them cleaner longer which makes it easier to clean them when it’s time to do a deep clean
deep cleaning shine facility services

The Best Cleaning Practices

For complete cleaning, it might be best to outsource the service to a facility service provider. Here at Shine Facility Services, we take pride in our janitorial services. Our facility management team is dedicated to providing you with the utmost customer service. We go above and beyond the norm, and provide hard floor surface care, carpet cleaning and more. We offer a wide variety of green cleaning services to help fit the needs of any business. Contact us today for a free estimate to see how we can help.

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