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B2B Guide – What Types of Cleaning Services are Right for You?

Having a clean and sanitary office is vital to your company’s success. It helps to get things organized, prevents sickness and improves the general quality of life around your business. Instead of full-time custodians, most companies hire professional cleaning services to take care of their needs. Companies do this because an outside company can come in after hours and work quickly and efficiently to ensure the office is spotless. You probably have several options so be sure your choices fulfill the following categories.


1. Cheapest isn’t the Best Option.

Businesses are always considering their bottom line, but there is an old saying that goes “you get what you pay for,” and it is doubly true here. When exploring your different options, you need to consider additional factors. Do they provide their cleaning supplies and equipment? Are they specialized in green cleaning?

These are essential questions because many of the cheaper providers do not have all the equipment they need or use harsh chemicals which hides the real cost of having to provide all these things.


2. Get Price Quotes from a Few Different Companies

You want to get price quotes from a few different companies so you can see what the service includes. Once the commercial cleaning company visits your office, they should provide you an estimate for the work. Be sure it itemizes the services they provide.

They should all include standard things like vacuuming, mopping, dusting, sanitizing and so on. If you have carpets in your business, they should also experience a deep clean once in a while. The company you hire should provide some extras like seasonal carpet cleaning and other added incentives to keep them around.


3. Read the Contract Thoroughly.

This seems like common sense, but often by the point where we have found a right housekeeping services partner, we are just dying to sign. If you sign a contract, you get locked into a given amount of time. Make sure you have recourse in case you are not satisfied.

For example, you may want to go with a company that provides a month-to-month option are allows you to break the contract if you give a few week’s notice. More than anything, you’ll want to make sure they are flexible to match any changes in your company.


4. Check the References.  

A well-established commercial cleaning company will have some solid references. Consider this; your office contains a host of valuables from electronics and office supplies to company property along with countless intangibles. You want to be sure you can trust the cleaning team. Check out some of their other clients and even give them a call out of the blue.

You’ll be surprised (either good or bad) what people will say when unprompted. This can be for big and small things. Good cleaning services aren’t just ones they are reliable and honest, but also once they keep your organized.


The Perfect Cleaning Services for Your Company

When it comes to finding the best cleaning services for your company, it’s all about taking the time to do a little research and making sure you see a company with the right values. The best janitorial cleaning companies will be able to help you not only have a clean office but also help you reduce business expenses to ensure your businesses efficiency and success!


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