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How Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products Boost The Business Environment

Eco-friendly cleaning products are a safe alternative to toxic, chemical laden, traditional cleaning solutions. While eco-friendly products are better for the environment, it may come as a surprise to know that they may also preserve the life and appearance of expensive furniture surfaces. There are many advantages to using natural products over those that contain […]

5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Janitorial Services

If you own a commercial building that sees a lot of customer traffic on a daily basis, chances are you’ll be hiring janitorial services to keep it clean. Keeping your building clean is not only a good look professionally, but it also helps keep you safe from potential lawsuits and liability if someone gets injured […]

Using Green Cleaning Services For Your Business

These days, everybody seems to be “going green.” There is an excellent reason for this because traditional cleaning materials like ammonia, bleach, and other chemicals may do an excellent job at killing germs, but are not good for our health. Nowadays, technology has improved rapidly, and there is a wide range of effective cleaning solutions […]