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Sustainable Cleaning Best Practices

In recent years, sustainability has become a hot topic for consumers, especially those in younger generations. To put it simply, businesses everywhere can expect more customers when they pursue greener practices. This phenomenon holds true for cleaning services, so companies should quickly adjust to the growing demand for cleaner, greener products and methods. If customers and […]

Facility Management to Keep Your Building Grounds Safe

Facility management is responsible for maintaining a safe and comfortable workplace. The safety of the building and its team members should be a top priority for all facility managers. But, when other responsibilities require your immediate attention, it can be increasingly challenging to provide the necessary dedication toward preventive facility maintenance.  So, what is facility […]

School Cleaning Best Practices

When students get sick, they miss school, and that can negatively impact their learning and grades. When faculty and staff get sick, you are stuck scheduling last-minute substitutes. But what if students or staff don’t realize they’re ill until they’re at school? Or what if they know beforehand and come in anyway? You’re left with […]

How to Reduce Indoor Air Pollution

You may associate air pollution with smog-belching smokestacks or bumper-to-bumper L.A. traffic, but harmful air pollution can affect an ordinary home or office space. Although we don’t discuss it as frequently as outdoor pollution, indoor air quality impacts our lives just as much, if not more. Office managers shouldn’t underestimate the importance of indoor air quality. […]

7 Tips for a Healthy Workplace

If you manage an office, you’ve likely seen how fast germs can spread. If one employee comes to work sick, it’s usually not long before their colleagues start sniffling. According to research from the University of Arizona, a single sick employee can infect half of the office’s commonly touched surfaces in just a few hours. […]

Our Response to COVID-19

At Shine Facility Services, the safety of our team members, our clients, and the public is always of primary importance in everything that we do. We wanted to provide you with an update on the actions we are taking in response to the outbreak of COVID-19 and reassure you that we are prepared, with a […]

Understanding LEED Certification and Commercial Cleaning

Today, many companies are taking on sustainability and green initiatives to have a more positive impact on the environment and human health. The LEED certification program gives the framework for buildings to be more environmentally responsible and recognizes these achievements with different levels of certification. These designations are attractive to potential residents and tenants, as […]

How to Know If Your Cleaners Are Actually Green

When you or someone else cleans a space you live or work in, you want it cleaned in effectively and safely. To get the job done, you have to consider green versus conventional cleaners. Many individuals are going green and for good reason. The pros of green cleaning include a benefit to the environment and advantages […]