5 Tips to Ensure a Cleaner, Healthier Carpet

If your facility’s carpet looks dull, feels sticky, retains dirt and stain, or worse, needs replacement every few years, chances are it is a result of less-than-satisfactory deep cleaning. Below are five conditions that can undermine proper carpet extraction and the health and appearance of your carpet.


  1. Don’t make waves.Carpets commercial spaces should be deep cleaned once a year using a steam extractor with proper care, including vacuuming and spot cleaning between deep cleanings. Many facilities opt for carpeting to be deep cleaned at night or over a weekend when there is less traffic to allow the carpet to dry on its own. Yet, many people don’t realize the importance of drying it properly and thoroughly vs. allowing it to dry on its own. When carpet is cleaned using a steam extractor, the carpet stretches slightly. Carpet left to dry on its own will contract, creating “waves” as it shrinks back that are unsightly and can create tripping hazards.

Solution: Make sure carpeting is thoroughly dried immediately after extraction using the appropriate number of industrial-size fans.


  1. Practice water conservation. While carpet extraction uses water in the form of steam, some extractors and/or their operators think the more steam, the better, especially for extremely dirty carpet. However, oversaturation can allow moisture to be trapped in the padding. When the top carpeting feels dry, this trapped moisture can go unnoticed and lead to mold, mildew, and an unpleasant scent, eventually requiring the carpet to be removed and replaced.

Solution. Ensure the carpet extractor receives regular maintenance and the operator is experienced in proper carpet extraction.


  1. Keep your guard up. Carpets are made of absorbent fibers that give them their texture but also make them susceptible to stains caused by traffic and spills. Yet carpets treated with Scotchgard® or other stain repellant are far less likely to retain stains, if stains are treated promptly. This helps maintain the appearance and extend the life of the carpet.

Solution. If your carpet has yet to be treated with a stain-resistant formula, one can be applied by an experienced commercial carpet cleaning service after the carpet is deep cleaned.


  1. Prepare for more traffic. With more people working from home, many companies have areas with little to no foot traffic and, therefore, see little reason to deep clean carpets. However,airborne dirt, dust, and bacteria continue to land in these areas, especially where cleaning frequencies have been reduced. This accumulation is unhealthy and make it appear dull. Moreover, once the foot traffic picks up in these areas, dirt can quickly become ground into the carpet fibers, making cleaning more challenging and reducing the carpet’s life.

Solution. Deep clean unused areas once a year with other carpeted areas and vacuum once a month to remove bacteria and other microscopic particulate.


  1. Keep it friendly.Some people believe that ensuring a carpet is thoroughly cleaned requires using harsh chemicals that “smell good.” This is false. Carpet extraction can be done with an environmentally, human, and even pet-friendly formula without added dyes and perfumes that can irritate the skin and respiratory passages.

Solution. Check the labels and material data sheet(s) for any formulas before application to ensure their ingredients are nontoxic, VOC-free, and otherwise safer for people, pets, and the planet.


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