When Does Your Small Business Needs Commercial Janitorial Services?


It’s pretty safe to say that everyone prefers working in a neat and clean environment. It just makes the work less stressful and lowers anxiety. However, many small businesses don’t have a dedicated janitorial staff to provide this stress-free environment because of their budget. However, this can put a burden on workers who might get stuck with the responsibility of cleaning and decrease their productivity in their regular duties. In addition, besides potentially damaging employee morale, these people may not know how to clean as well as professionals. Here are some of the key situations where you should consider hiring commercial janitorial services.



1) You Have Higher Level Staff Doing Routine Cleaning Work

This is often a problem in small businesses of between 5 and 15 individuals, particularly in fields like design, marketing, IT, and others. Even if you have a fair system where everybody pitches in, you’re still wasting time and money as you make your employees clean. That time and money would be better spent paying them to do the work they were hired for, rather than having them do janitorial services that they have not been trained to do.


2) Your Business Has Over 5 Workers

Even with strong office rules and practices, things can get disorganized and dirty quickly. It only takes a few stacked dishes for a kitchen to become unusable or full trash cans for garbage to back up. This is where commercial services are very helpful. You can arrange for them to come to match your schedule and budget. More importantly, they can do the jobs that might not be assigned to anyone from mopping floors to changing light bulbs and other key fixes you need to keep your office running peaceably.


3) You Have Handiwork That Needs to be Done

In any office, there’s always one thing or another that needs to get done. For example, you might need to install new electrical equipment, paint a couple of walls, or get things fixed. Once again, this is a job best left to professionals. You don’t want your $1,200 new monitor to crash to the floor because it wasn’t mounted properly. With commercial janitorial services, you can be certain all handiwork is safely and securely taken care of.


4) You Need Things Tidied After an Event

Every business has its share of events, big and small, from an employee birthday party to a group conference. With each of these, it’s essential that when everything is over that your office gets put back together in one piece. After these big events, commercial janitorial services work to take care of everything from removing decorations and garbage to getting the furniture back in the right place so that everything is clean and sparkling by opening time the next day.


Upgrading to Commercial Janitorial Services

These days, there’s more pressure than ever on small and medium businesses. Managing your budget is important, but it’s also vital to use time wisely. With the right janitorial industry partner, you can keep your employees focused on their work in a productive and clean environment so they can do their best helping your business achieve the growth and stability it needs to thrive. Contact Shine Facility Services to see how we can be an excellent partner for your company’s success.  

5 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From a Handyman Service

Running a business requires an overwhelming amount of energy, time, and money. Not to mention you become the go-to person most of the time. Unless you have a designated in-house maintenance department, you may find yourself wearing the hat of a handyman in addition to all the others you wear throughout your work week. To minimize your stress and to-do list, consider hiring a professional handyman. Here are five ways you can benefit from a handyman service:


You Will Not Have to Do the Work

Just like your home, your business facility will have maintenance issues. Whether it is a clogged toilet or faulty electrical wire, a high-quality handyman service will have your repairs completed without you having to do the work yourself. Merely specify what needs attention and the handyman will finish the tasks, leaving you to attend to other essential responsibilities.


No Need to Hire Multiple Contractors

Sweating over both how to paint a room and fix a broken faucet? No need. A professional handyman can perform a variety of work that will eliminate the need for additional contractors for each job. If you have a range of different projects, inquire about what specific tasks your handyman can resolve prior to hiring. They can often do more than you’d think, saving you the time of having to research several contractors.



You Will Find Other Projects that Need Attention

As you go about managing your business, it is easy to have matters go unnoticed. However, in addition to performing repairs, a premium handyman service will also point out other areas of your facility that may require attention that you have overlooked. Noting what issues there are throughout your building will prevent it from worsening if addressed in a timely manner.


It Will Keep Your Business Looking Its Best

With a full schedule, it can be challenging to keep your building in great shape. Nevertheless, upholding a pleasant environment is imperative for current and prospective employees and clients. Repairing and maintaining the more delicate details, such as lighting fixtures, windows, or painting via a handyman service will help ensure you do not earn a reputation of not caring about your business or facility.


You Will Save Money and Time

Hiring a handyman service will not only offer you and your business all the above benefits, but it will also save you money and time. Taking on maintenance projects yourself may initially sound like a great idea until you realize it requires a skilled professional. With your maintenance needs taken care of, you’ll be able to focus more on your business, while reducing costs associated with the building’s preservation.

Feeling confident in your choice of handyman services for your business is crucial. Do not settle when it comes to maintenance. Regardless of your building’s size, the experts at Shine Facility Services have experience in a variety of skills, including plumbing, light construction, and full facility management services. Hiring professionals like the ones as Shine will save you the headache of doing it all yourself; it will save you the time and money of researching and paying several contractors; it will help you know what other areas may have been overlooked; and most importantly, it will keep your business looking well loved and taken care of.

Why The Facility Management Industry Will Continue to Grow in the Future

In 2017, the global facility management industry hit a valuation of $30.1 billion per year. By 2026, that number is projected to triple to $91 billion. For such a large industry, its interesting that most people aren’t even exactly sure what it is. Facilities management is an umbrella term that refers to a wide variety of support services essential in ensuring a business runs as efficiently as possible. This is essential as businesses scale in size as managers, HR directors, and executives find themselves in charge of more staff, buildings, and equipment. So let’s take a look at how facility management services play an integral role in the modern business.


Examples of Facility Management

Facility management is all about creating cost-effective working processes. The idea is ensuring that all of a business’ resources are properly integrated and utilized. This covers everything from using smart IT systems to control HVAC systems and lights, to ensuring physical spaces are tidy and clean. This expands even further out to cover areas such as installing new fixtures and furniture, painting offices, and so much more.


Why is this Important?

In business, efficiency determines what separates the best from the amateurs. When coordinating large groups of people, it’s essential that your facility and its assets are properly managed. Facility Management service companies can make sure your company is compliant with all regulations and properly maintained. In addition, as companies invest in equipment and technology, it’s important this is all well maintained to promote the products lifespans.


Focusing People on the Right Tasks

Surprisingly, even medium-to-large-sized businesses often have people distracted from their main job requirements doing something out of their mandate. Time is money. You shouldn’t have to worry about changing a lightbulb, making sure people show up on time, or even something as simple as having enough coffee in the breakroom.

Facility management continues to grow because it helps focus people on their jobs, while the menial tasks are synced up through a combination of professional support and the latest software technology.


Different Needs for Different Industries

Most importantly, facility management isn’t about a one size fits all approach. It recognizes that each sector and business has its own unique needs and challenges. For example, tech start-ups need a heavier focus on system management and integration, whereas a business consulting firm may employ facility management that operates on a more flexible schedule that matches the firm’s clients.

For this reason, you’ll want to first make an assessment with a professional to see what areas you can really benefit in to have a tailored, unique strategy for your company.


What Steps Should My Business Take?

Every business is different. However, even the smallest company can benefit from facility services. The key idea behind facility management is taking away distracting things like building maintenance, cleaning, and more so you can focus on the core components of your business. Contact the Shine Facility Service team today to see how we can help you. We can assess your needs and implement the best facility management strategy so your business can truly thrive.

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The Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association’s Janitorial Best Practices Report

The Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association (PRSM) recently put out their newest groundbreaking report, “2019 Best Practices: Janitorial”. As one of the strongest influencers in the industry, PRSM’s newest report is a must-read for any executives in facility management. We predict that this report will be the basis of all companies service standards in the coming future. Fortunately, most of these suggestions and standards laid out here are already the basis of Shine’s work ethic today.

PRSM’s Suggestions

The report is essentially an aggregate of twelve in-depth case studies conducted by PRSM to guide efficient facilities management. Bill Yanek, CEO of PRSM, understands that janitorial services are typically one of the highest expenses for a company, especially in retail stores. That said, their goal with this report is to help business owners and facility managers be as efficient as they possibly can to save on these costs.


The twelve case studies each cover a specific element of a typical janitorial program from scheduling and automation to cleaning techniques and supplies. The list of case studies go as follows:


  • Self-Performing vs. Third-Party Service Delivery in Floor Care and Janitorial Trades
  • Consolidating a Locally Managed Janitorial Program into a Corporately Managed Program
  • Janitorial Program Management – Self-Perform / Subcontract / Both
  • The Importance of Quality Assurance
  • Attendance Tracking by IVR or Geotag/Geofencing
  • Hours-Based vs. Performance-Based Contract
  • Cleaning Service Bundling: Increased Results & Efficiency
  • Floor Care Scheduling
  • Keep Floors Inviting and Clean—No Matter the Type
  • Hard Floor Care That Makes Retail Shine—A Holistic View
  • Extending the Life of Your Carpet
  • Creating a Standardized Cleaning Chemical Program


As demonstrated, PRSM’s collection of case studies is varied and relevant, and we predict that these will be followed acutely by many companies in the future.


Shine Facility Services Moving Forward

Shine understands the importance of having the most state-of-the-art services available for their clients. Included in the services for any facility management company should be much more than the basic janitorial services themselves. Whether it is taking communication to a much more efficient level, or streamlining and automating janitorial services, your facility manager should always be going over and above the standard to satisfy your needs as a client.


If you as a business owner are not fully informed on the program that your facility manager is employing for you, it is time to start asking questions. We believe that what makes a great facility manager stand out among the rest is the infrastructure that occurs behind the scenes, to ensure you are getting the most efficient and appropriate service for your business. For that reason, Shine Facility Services pay meticulous and, sometimes, tedious attention to detail to render the best service for each of our clients, based on the standards laid out by this massive industry led by PRSM and many other related associations.


To learn more about what Shine Facility Services can do for you and your business, don’t hesitate to reach out for consultation. Your time is worth the investment.  

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The Hidden Value of a Facility Management Service for Your Business

We’ve all had this experience— you sit down and want to get to work, but something goes wrong. Maybe there’s a light bulb that’s flickering. Or maybe your chair is creaking every time you make the slightest movement. Whatever it is, there seems to almost always be some little thing that needs to get fixed. This is what facilities management is. It goes far beyond janitorial services to include not just cleaning, but everything you need to make sure your office has what it needs to run its best. Here are just a few of the things facilities management takes care of:

1) Cleaning Service

This is probably the first thing that comes to mind. And a clean office is a well-functioning one. Studies have shown that employee morale and productivity are much higher in tidier spaces. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what it is, but people seem to work better in a clean environment. Naturally, professional sanitation is the centerpiece of facilities management. But cleaning services far exceed running a vacuum cleaner or emptying the trash, but essentials for office health such as sanitation and changing things like HVAC filters and more.


2) Installation Assistance

Let’s say you’ve gotten a large new monitor to use for presentations. Investments in your business like these can cost quite a bit. So you want to make sure they are installed properly. Facilities management can assist you in helping to wall mount that new screen, assemble bookcases and shelves along with other benefits such as repainting a room. You get all the experience of skilled tradespeople at a much more reasonable price.


3) Electrical and Appliances

What do you do when a critical appliance doesn’t work? From the coffee maker to wall outlets, these small details are essential for the success of your office. This is doubly important if there’s been recent storms or other problems that may be causing trouble with the electrical systems around your office. Most offices have thousands of dollars worth of computer equipment and you want to make sure they are protected from power surges and other problems. Think of facilities management as a general handyman to help fix whatever your needs from plumbing to electric sockets and more.  

4) Scheduled/On-Demand

The best thing about facilities management is that we can work around your schedule. You can schedule cleaning times that best work for your office whether that’s in the mornings, afternoons or after hours. But likewise, we are available on demand. Let’s say you host a large corporate party and need some help cleaning up afterward. We got you covered. Or let’s say there is an accident over the weekend. We are available on-demand 24/7 to help sort out whatever your needs.


Getting the Best in Facilities Management for Your Office

No matter how big or small your company is, we at Shine Facility Services are here to help you. Our team of trained facility experts has experience in not just janitorial services, but everything from light construction to plumbing and even appliance repair so that whatever you need to make your office run smoothly, we can help you fix it.

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How Shine Facility Services Take Advantage of Apps

Over the years, advancements in technology have made communication apps an indispensable tool for businesses. No matter the industry, apps in businesses help in extraordinary ways. They make connecting with others effortless, regardless of geographical location. Shine Facility Services takes advantage of apps by using them for communication across the company, improving our business tremendously. Here we will walk you through the effect apps have on streamlining and saving time.


Streamlining Processes

One of the main improvements our business has experienced in using apps for our business is streamlining our daily telecommunications. Because our facility services require janitors to travel throughout our servicing area, it is essential to get in touch with them in a quick and efficient manner–as time is of the essence in our field of work. Unfortunately, older technology did not permit this necessary process–making it difficult to maintain a connection between us and our employees. However, with the evolution of apps, we are able to modernize this task, eliminating redundant steps.

Offering any and every business quality cleaning service at an affordable price is always our focus and with the use of our communications app, we will be able to maintain this goal. Whether you require large commercial facility services or a smaller office cleaning service, you can contact us directly through the app and we will get to you quickly.


Saving Time

With the busyness of the day-to-day, there is nothing more frustrating than spending hours playing phone tag with another company, wasting your time and effort trying to get in touch with the person you need. Because work hours are often limited, personnel are always looking for ways to carve out more time in their days. We recognize how valuable your time is and ensure that the instant communication that this app provides you and our cleaners will save you time. Your business will not have to worry about the hassle of going through a phone line or being placed on hold when you need to contact us. The instant communication of our app allows us to connect and follow up with you as swiftly as possible.

The entire staff at Shine Facility Services takes pride in our office cleaning services. We live to make certain your office or building looks its very best for your clients. Combining our communications app, our on-site inspections, and performance tracking and feedback, we aim to provide you with the most efficient and time-saving cleaning and janitorial services available in the Bay Area.

Whether your company is a small tech startup or a large office building, we will personalize our facility services to meet your specific cleaning needs. We offer modern eco-friendly cleaning services, free of dangerous chemicals and cleaning agents to ensure the health and well-being of our staff and clients and to ensure that the necessity of environmental sustainability in business is maintained. If you are in need of a team of highly-skilled janitorial or facility management professionals who care about your building and will work diligently to exceed your expectations, contact a Shine Facility Services representative today.

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Why Communication and Follow-up is Critical for Success in the Janitorial Industry

Competition is stiff in the janitorial and facilities management industries.  The more services offered by these companies, the more reasons for a progressive and an all-encompassing communication plan. Effective dialog includes both the external communications between the client and the service company and the interactions within the company itself.

A successful business needs to make sure there are no communication breakdowns externally or internally.  Shine Facility Services, a facility management company in California’s Bay Area, wants to display its dedication to its successful communication plan.


When Does Communication Go Wrong

There are two essential aspects of communication: listening, and asking the right questions.  A dedicated staff, the use of modern equipment, and 24-hour service will not matter if the client’s level of expectation is lowered by fragmented communication.  Whether the request is for janitorial services or any repairs to building systems, the professionals at Shine Facility Services are trained in both the task and the communication.

It should never be assumed that “no news is good news.”  A reputable services company will always ask for client feedback at the completion of the job.  Communication of the results will solidify the relationship with the client and will demonstrate the business will cooperate when adjustments or corrections are necessary.

Lastly, proactive actions are paramount. Bring potential problems to the attention of those in charge before they become a bigger problem. This will likely create a higher degree of trust from the client, as being honest and responsible demonstrates the value of your service.


Procedures Speak Volumes

Any company offering commercial cleaning and office maintenance services after hours will not usually get the benefit of the personal dialogue with the customer.  The use of an on-site logbook is a straightforward way to detail any concerns, complaints, and requests for follow-up.

In addition, the client needs to be made aware of the procedures regarding e-mail management.  It is important for the client to use the company’s standardized forms for repairs and tasks requests.  When a request is reduced to writing, the chances are more significant for better communication between the client and the person delivering the service.  A client will be sensitive to any break in the communication chain.

The allegiance to on-site job logs, the management of e-mails and the use of standardized forms will prove to the client that an effective communication plan is both in place and in practice.  A services company is responsible for the training of both its employees and the employees of the client, on the procedures for submitting new tasks, change orders and follow-up through the full completion of a request.


Follow-up Communication

Mistakes and miscommunications will happen.  The variable that separates the successful commercial cleaning company from the others is the manner in which these matters are handled.  Follow-up must be a part of the overall procedure and included as a section within any standardized request form. This communicates a sense of responsiveness.

Responsiveness and continued communication send the clear message that individualized and professional services are paramount to the company and its mission.

Nothing Happens Without a Plan

A successful communication plan needs to be discussed with the client.  In the competitive industries of facility maintenance and commercial cleaning, the client must be sure of the preparedness for a request, the follow-up, the responsibility for errors and the responsiveness for changes.

The quality of any offered service needs to be factually communicated to the customer and attested to by its other clients.  A successful company will always provide references.

The proud and dedicated professionals at Shine Facility Services realize the importance of effective internal and external communications to grow its market share and retain its current client base.  It is because of the active communication plan in practice that Shine Facility Services can offer the highest quality of building care and maintenance services in the Bay Area.