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5-Point Checklist: Easy Deep Cleaning Tips for the Office

When working in an office space, germs and bacteria are inevitable. This is because there are usually so many people coming in and out. That’s why the more things you can do to keep your office clean the less you run the risk spreading those horrible germs. So today we’re discussing ways you can deep clean your office space using a few inexpensive cleaning tips.


Below are 5 deep cleaning tips that you can use in any office:

1. Keep Disinfectant Wipes Handy

Having disinfectant wipes around in various places is a great way to keep up on your deep cleaning at the office. Leave them in places like the bathroom, the kitchen, or in a closet so that employees can access them easily. You can get cleaning wipes in bulk at stores like Costco and Sams club.

The best thing about disinfectant wipes is that you can use them to clean virtually anything. They can help you clean an office desk, the kitchen counters, the appliances in the kitchen, or even wipe down the bathroom. 

2. Have Friendly Reminders for Employees

It doesn’t hurt to place notes in certain areas reminding employees to help out with cleaning when they can. Think of it as a friendly reminder. Instead of just reminding them to wash their hands in the bathroom, remind them to put their dishes away or help wipe down the counters before they leave for the day.

You can also use this opportunity to create a weekly routine at the office and remind employees to complete certain tasks before the week is up. Tasks like making sure all the trash is in a designated area or even taking a swifter to the bathroom.


3. Create a Community Cleaning Supply Bin

No matter what the size of your office is, having a community bin for eco-friendly cleaning products never hurts. With this idea, employees will enjoy doing their part in bringing in cleaning products from their homes. It’s a great way to get them more involved in deep cleaning the office.

This is also a good place to keep your cleaning supplies so that employees have easy access to them. That way cleaning won’t be such a hassle and they can get it done quickly and get back to work.

4. Spray the Computers with Duster

Just like you should keep disinfectant wipes handy, you should also keep a few bottles of duster around. This way you can easily spray down all computers and keyboards to eliminate the dust buildup. Keep a bottle at each desk for each employee to dust off their electronics once a week.


5. Place Automatic Cleaner in the Toilets

Though this doesn’t prevent your toilets from needing a good deep clean at least once a week, it does help keep them clean in the meantime. And it keeps them cleaner longer which makes it easier to clean them when it’s time to do a deep clean
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The Best Cleaning Practices

For complete cleaning, it might be best to outsource the service to a facility service provider. Here at Shine Facility Services, we take pride in our janitorial services. Our facility management team is dedicated to providing you with the utmost customer service. We go above and beyond the norm, and provide hard floor surface care, carpet cleaning and more. We offer a wide variety of green cleaning services to help fit the needs of any business. Contact us today for a free estimate to see how we can help.

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Essential Office Cleaning Services for your Tech Startup

Tech startups are nothing like traditional offices. In normal offices, you may have some computers, a few printers, and some other electrical odds and ends, but in a tech company, technology is the lifeblood of the business. No matter where you look, you can find computers, high-tech equipment, and hardware all around the room. In a normal office, regular dusting and cleaning are okay, however, a tech-based environment might require a more specialized thorough cleaning. This is why pairing up with the right office cleaning services makes all the difference to your business

That’s why it’s essential that you find a company that specializes in tech when searching for the perfect office cleaning services partner.

1. Getting Things Cleaned the Right Way

When it comes to your floors, desks, windows and more, it’s usually simple to find the right cleaning solution and get to work. With technology, however, things become a bit more complicated.

What’s the best solution to clean things like cables and computer screens? What about keyboards? Our cleaning service team has been specifically trained to clean almost any piece of sensitive equipment you can imagine.


2. Green Cleaning

These days, green cleaning play a significant role in business development. More and more people are realizing the benefits of ditching harmful chemicals and using products that are safe not only for the environment but also to the employees. The safest cleaning solutions are free from parabens, dyes, and additives.

Our team uses products that are not only eco-friendly but also highly effective at eliminating bacteria and viruses through special enzymes and other naturally-based cleaning agents.


3. Getting Those Hard to Reach Places

It’s simple enough to wipe down a desk, but it starts to get complex when you are talking about places like windows, floors, breakrooms and air vents (a favorite hangout for harmful bacteria). Our commercial cleaning team handles the cleaning for all these places, doing it in a quick and thorough manner while also ensuring that the office looks immaculate.   


4. Office Cleaning Services that Work Around Your Schedule

What makes tech startups an exciting environment, is that they don’t work the traditional 9-5. With innovative ideas and a vibrant work culture, we know flexibility is one of the most important things when considering office cleaning services.

Our team can work with you to find the times suitable for your office’s schedule. You can decide whether you want our services in the middle of the day or the middle of the night! We can also help you with cleanup after large events, spring cleaning, and parking lot maintenance. No matter when you need office cleaning services, we can be there for you!


The Best Office Cleaning Services for Tech Startups

Tech startups are changing the way the world works. With constant innovation, these types companies need someone behind the scenes to make sure their office is clean and bacteria-free. Our eco-friendly cleaning team is here to provide you with professional janitorial services and cleaning practices to suit your company profile and needs!

Get in touch with our customer service team to inquire about our janitorial and facility management services, which include floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, general repairs, painting and more.  

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Why Parking Lot Maintenance Is Critical For Your Business

Why Parking Lot Maintenance Is Critical For Your Business

The parking lot is the first area that the customer and potential customer will come across. It is the physical face of the business. A messy, dirty, and poorly kept parking lot may give the wrong impression for the rest of the business and how its run. Parking lot maintenance is an essential aspect of the company and could have a massive impact on long-term business growth.

Parking lots are designed to withstand the elements, but they are not intended to maintain themselves. Regular care and maintenance help to sustain the function and appearance of the space. Here are some ways in which you can stay on top of parking lot maintenance in your business.


Pavement Maintenance

Sweep away debris, grit, glass, and clean spilled liquids like oils off the floor properly to avoid the premature wearing of the asphalt’s smooth surface. Just as you would use office cleaning services for office space, janitorial maintenance is an essential aspect of parking lot maintenance.


Prevent Potholes And Repair Cracks

Unrepaired cracks and holes will encourage water collection that can freeze and expand, furthering the damage in the process. Cracks can also promote the growth of weeds which can be a hazard. Fix damage immediately to avoid costly repairs and even more expensive liability issues. Rushed repairs are just a band-aid and can cause more damage, take the proper care and time to fix problems properly.

Parking lot maintenance


Pavement Protection

Corrosion caused by petrochemicals like antifreeze, battery acid, chlorine, gasoline, and motor oil chemicals can deteriorate asphalt over time. Oxidation caused by changes in water and temperature, and by sun damage can also break down the asphalt surfaces. A paving expert can lay proper sealant or overlay pavement protection which could reduce the risk of erosion and damage. Sealcoating can add years to the life of your pavement, which is why we recommend applying it in the correct weather conditions.

A parking lot will see a massive volume of vehicles every day which can put a lot of pressure on the paving surface. It is just as important to have your paving laid correctly, as it is to maintain it.


Redesign Your Parking Lot From Time To Time

Some portions of the pavement will be driven over more than others, and therefore experience an increased volume of vehicle weight. These areas will contain more wear and tear. Redesigning some of the driving stripes and parking bays could provide a solution to this problem and optimize the longevity of your parking lot. Redesigning may also offer the opportunity to increase parking space productivity. Make sure to follow ADA guidelines though to enforce the proper amount of handicapped-accessible parking stalls.


Handle Parking Lot Drainage Issues Immediately

Parking lots experience many weather conditions including rain and snow, so proper drainage must be in place to prevent sewage issues. These drains must be in good working order as backed up drains can produce an unsightly and smelly mess. Water on the pavement can also affect the stability of the surface.

At Shine Facility Services, we understand how important it is to maintain a professional and consistent image. We pride ourselves in providing a comprehensive range of expert business and commercial maintenance and cleaning services in San Francisco. Contact us to find out more about the facility services we offer; Shine Facility Services could prove to be a very valuable resource for your business.

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How Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products Boost The Business Environment

Eco-friendly cleaning products are a safe alternative to toxic, chemical laden, traditional cleaning solutions. While eco-friendly products are better for the environment, it may come as a surprise to know that they may also preserve the life and appearance of expensive furniture surfaces. There are many advantages to using natural products over those that contain chemicals.


Fresh, Natural Scents

Traditional cleaning products contain artificial perfumes to improve the smell of the space, but these perfumes also act as a buffer to mask the smell of the strong chemical ingredients. Environmentally friendly cleaning products use natural, fresh, and chemical-free scents such as fruity citrus and essential oils.


Less Residue

Harsh chemical cleaners leave a residue on surfaces which can cause visible streaks and can build up over time dulling the surfaces. They also leave an invisible residue in the air which can collect in the air ducts and recirculate around the room. Eco-friendly cleaners, on the other hand, leave no residue and therefore no streaks either.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products


Improved Air Quality

Although workspaces are usually cleaned after hours, traditional cleaning products can leave behind harmful gasses and toxic fumes that linger. Chemicals such as chlorine bleach and ammonia, are both highly acidic and the toxic gas that they produce will be inhaled by anyone nearby. Side effects of bleach inhalation can include headaches, coughing, watering eyes, and irritation to the eyes, nose, and throat.

Eco-friendly products do not contain such chemicals, which makes them safe for use in confined spaces, such as office restrooms, and the home.

We are often not aware of the negative effects of toxic products until they are removed from our environment. Fresh, clean, and non-toxic air can enable employees to focus and think more clearly. This can improve productivity and the quality and efficiency of their work. Green cleaning products do not contribute to the existing toxins in our environment which can help to enhance the general mood and morale of the office. Toxic chemicals can affect the respiratory system and cause headaches which can have a detrimental effect on the health of your employees, and in turn, could increase their number of sick days.

In addition to using natural products, keeping spaces tidy can improve the cleanliness of the workplace. Clutter provides more surfaces for dust to collect and makes deep cleaning harder to achieve. The removal of clutter and the tidying of the workplace will improve both the appearance and cleanliness of the space.


Hiring a Janitorial Service

Shine Facility Services offer facility management and janitorial services in San Francisco. We know how important it is to ensure that the workspace is a safe, clean, and healthy environment which is why we provide quality and effective green cleaning services for our clients. The use of our eco-friendly cleaning products in your workplace can help to improve the health and productivity of your employees. Contact us to find out more about the services we offer and to find out more about the benefits of using eco-friendly cleaning products in your business.

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5 Overlooked Office Areas that Require Professional Cleaning Services

Take a look around your office. Does it look clean or dirty? Most people try to keep the office as tidy as possible, but the truth is that dust and dirt will quickly pile up, especially in those hard to reach areas.

No matter how often we clean or how reliable the cleaning agents are, areas will get overlooked. Sometimes, we think that space is clean, however germs and bacteria are thriving. High traffic areas need extra cleaning service, especially if you want a healthy office environment. There is no better way to preserve these areas than by using professional cleaning services. Here are just a few areas you might be missing.


1. The Breakroom

The breakroom is always our top cleaning service, and that’s for a reason. Believe it or not, the break room is usually one of the dirtiest places in an office and yet receives the least amount of attention. Sure, most people will probably wipe up some spilled coffee or empty old food, but that does not add up to proper sanitation. With commercial janitor services, you can know that things like coffee pots, kitchenware and more are clean and sterilized.


2. Air-ducts

Air quality is essential to the office space. Air particles, specs of dust, germs, and more go through the office’s central HVAC system. If someone in the office who sits 20 feet away is sick, this could potentially spread it throughout the office. Cleaning and replacing air filters not only prevents the spread of bacteria but also helps your system function more efficiently, increasing the airflow throughout the office.

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3. Keyboard and Mouse

Everybody always assumes that the bathroom is the dirtiest places and while that can be true, it’s often the only place that gets regular cleaning. On the other hand, keyboards and mice are used every day, frequently by other people, and can quickly pile up bacteria and germs.

Properly sanitizing them is difficult as you don’t want to damage sensitive electrical equipment. When you hire a professional janitorial service, the team carries the proper equipment and solutions designed to clean your keyboard and mouse properly.


4. Handles and Faucets

We never really think about how many handles and faucets are in the office. Think about it — you have door handles for the entrance, various offices, the bathroom along with faucets and other high traffic areas like the break room. These door handles and faucets get touched by many people throughout the office. They require professional cleaning services no matter how minute the detail might be.


5. Furniture

One place that gets frequent cleaning is the floor. From vacuuming to mopping, and everything else in between, the floor is one thing that never gets missed. However, how often do you lie down on the floor and eat? For appearances and safety sakes, it’s vital to have clean floor areas, but what about upholstered seating areas like sofas and chairs? These are the places people sit for their lunch break. Crumbs, bugs, germs and more like to hide in these areas. You need periodic steam cleaning of these places to reduce germ growth and extend the life of these products.


Professional Cleaning Services for a Healthy Office

There is something lively about a clean office. Everyone is in a good mood, no one is sick, and the office feels more open. So, don’t pull back on these overlooked office areas, hiring a professional janitorial team can help create this environment for you. Learn more about the benefits of outsourcing your facility services and get in touch with us today.

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3 Ways a Cleaning Service Can Enhance Your Office Space

As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate. The sheer volume of problems to handle and fires to put out on a daily basis can leave you with very little extra mental energy to brainstorm ways of improving your business.

Unless you’ve delegated all of your responsibilities, chances are you don’t have a lot of free time that can be used to sit around and think of ways you could make your business better. So here’s one for free, hire a cleaning service. It’s the little things that make all the difference and you wouldn’t believe how many ways a cleaning service can enhance your office space.

While you might be skeptical, here are three ways in which hiring a cleaning service can drastically improve your business from every angle.


1. It Impresses your Clients

Even if you don’t get a lot of clients in your office, the ones that do show up will be very impressed with your clean office space. When customers see that your office space is very tidy and well-organized, they automatically assume that you run your business that way as well.

Even messy jobs like construction or plumbing can benefit from having clean offices. Some would even argue that these types of jobs benefit more because people expect them to be messy, but are instead surprised when greeted by a sparkling clean environment.

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2. It Will Improve Employee Satisfaction

While your customers might only ever see brief glimpses of your office space, your employees have to work there. Working in a clean environment has a huge impact on an employee’s psyche, as does working in a dirty one. There’s a reason why depressed individuals tend to live in relative squalor while happier folks tend to stay on the tidier side.

Your environment has an impact on your mood whether you like it or not. Keeping things clean at work will allow your employees to be more productive and focus on the tasks at hand with much greater ease.


3. You Can Identify Problems Faster and Save Money

When your office space is dirty, it can be hard to identify if it actually needs to be cleaned or maintained. Clean floors and walls will allow you to easily see when and if your carpeting or paint needs to be replaced. You’ll also be able to move around freely without risk of tripping on uprooted carpeting or an obstacle in your way.


Things to Remember

Outsourcing facility services as a business owner can sometimes be the best decision to make. If you don’t want to spend time cleaning your office space yourself, a pro cleaning service can take a huge load off your back.

With professional cleaning services, you can rest easy knowing that your customers and employees are comforted and encouraged by the office cleaning services provided by your corporate office cleaning team of choice. When it comes to improving efficiency as well as your public image, hiring a cleaning service is the easiest way to it.

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5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Janitorial Services

If you own a commercial building that sees a lot of customer traffic on a daily basis, chances are you’ll be hiring janitorial services to keep it clean. Keeping your building clean is not only a good look professionally, but it also helps keep you safe from potential lawsuits and liability if someone gets injured in your building. But is it worth it for you to hire the first janitorial service team you find? Are they all the same?

To help answer these questions for you as best as we can, let’s take a look at 5 different things you should ask before you hire any janitorial services to clean your commercial building.


1. Do You Have Relevant Experience?

Different companies require different kinds of cleaning, and not all cleaning services are equal. If you have a food packaging plant, for example, you might not want to hire a team that has only cleaned office buildings. Make sure you find out what kind of experience a janitorial services company has before you hire them.


2. How Long Have you Been in Business Compared to Other Janitorial Companies?

There’s nothing wrong with helping out a startup, but when it comes to janitorial services, you might not want to risk it. Especially if you own a building that could cause a public health issue if not properly cleaned, you’ll want to go with a company who has already made all their mistakes with previous clients. A learning experience for a startup janitorial company could mean a career-ending catastrophe for you.

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3. Are Your Commercial Janitorial Services Able to Maintain Consistency?

Once you hire a janitorial company, you don’t want to have to baby them. But on the other hand, if they have employee turnover or sickness, you want them to handle it without sacrificing the quality of your service. A janitorial services company that is unable to handle unexpected absences and illness is not going to be able to give you their 100% effort at all times. While this might fly in other industries, it just won’t cut it when it comes to janitorial services.


4. How Do You Assure Quality?

You want to go with a company that is not only well-practiced in its methods but meticulous about its inspection. A good cleanup job is equal parts labor and inspection. Without a solid post-cleaning inspection routine, it’s easy to miss things here and there, lowering the quality of service drastically. You want a company who goes the extra mile to make sure you, the customer, are satisfied completely.


5. What Else Do You Offer?

If it comes down to 2 companies of equal experience, go with the one that offers more value in the form of additional services. Things like parking lot cleaning and commercial painting can come in handy when you need them.


Commercial Janitorial Services Can Be a Huge Help

Don’t skimp when it comes to hiring the best cleaning services. Go with a facility management company that values you as a customer and can get the job done effectively. If you happen to find a janitorial services company who offers additional value, that can be a huge plus for your business as well.

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Using Green Cleaning Services For Your Business

These days, everybody seems to be “going green.” There is an excellent reason for this because traditional cleaning materials like ammonia, bleach, and other chemicals may do an excellent job at killing germs, but are not good for our health. Nowadays, technology has improved rapidly, and there is a wide range of effective cleaning solutions out there that can help your office stay clean, healthy and, ultimately, more productive. This short guide will explain some of the benefits of green cleaning services and how they can help improve your business environment.


Why Use Green Cleaning Services?

Many of us naturally feel that the same products our parents used should be just fine for us. Only as research has shown the harmful effects of things like asbestos, tobacco, and so much more, industry evidence has shown that many of these everyday household products have a negative impact on the environment. That’s not just on the land, rivers, and streams where we live, but on ourselves as they contain toxins that can cause minor effects like headaches and migraines to severe impacts like cancer. This is where green cleaning services play an essential role in maintaining your health and well being, while also doing what cleaning products were made to do.

If you have noticed an unusual number of sick days at your office, this might be one of the main reasons. Certain chemicals are hazardous in as they contain a wide range of potential allergens and other things that may be harmful to breathe in. Green cleaning services might just be the answer to all of your office absences.

green cleaning services


What Makes Something Green Cleaning?

A lot of people might worry that if they don’t get that smell of bleach, then something isn’t clean. Green cleaning services use eco-friendly products that are from start finish made sustainably. The products are non-toxic, safe, biodegradable, and more than anything, not harmful to your health.

Depending on what you are trying to clean, the actual ingredients may be different. There are many different kinds of products that green cleaning services use. For example, to wipe counters, special cleaners with naturally occurring enzymes are used that remove bacteria and, best of all, leave behind no unpleasant smell. Another excellent example of the technology we use is microfiber mops, which not only clean deeper than traditional mops but also avoid scratching sensitive surfaces like natural wood.


Is Eco-friendly Cleaning Expensive?

The last concern people have about green cleaning services is that it is expensive. People tend to think of Whole Foods or other organic foods to be costly, but “organic” cleaning doesn’t have to mean expensive! Our cleaning services are highly affordable because we work with reputable wholesale suppliers and a busy cleaning crew that believes in their green products so that you don’t have to pay an unreasonable amount to get a healthy office environment.


Green Cleaning Services- It Makes Sense

Green cleaning services have proven to be increasingly popular among facility management companies. At Shine Facility Services, we can get your office to be a cleaner, healthier environment that ensures productivity by reducing sick days, eliminating allergens, and creating an overall more pleasant office ambiance. So contact one of our green commercial cleaning services experts today to see how we can help you build your perfect office environment.

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Office Cleaning Services That You Didn’t Know You Needed

Getting a commercial building or office cleaning can seem like a pretty basic process, but in reality, there are many layers to it that you should consider. There are many different types of cleaning services offered that might suit you best depending on your individual preferences.

What you use your office for, what your moral standing on eco-friendly cleaning products is, and what there is to be cleaned in your office all play a part in determining what kind of office cleaning will be best for you.

Let’s have a look at a few cleaning services you probably haven’t heard of, yet probably need.

office cleaning


1. Whole-Office Building Cleaning

This might sound like exactly the type of office cleaning that you knew you needed, but not everybody does it the same. Shine Facility Services, for example, uses next level communication and feedback with their entire cleaning staff to ensure the highest quality cleaning possible.

Every staff member reports their work as they complete it and the feedback regarding their performance is taken very seriously. By doing this, Shine ensures that they only have the best, most diligent workers on their team. 


2. Green Carpet Cleaning

Commercial carpet cleaning can use a lot of water, but try your best to find a company that promises the make the process as green as possible. The latest technology can be used to reduce the amount of power and water used during the process. The carpet cleaning is still as thorough and as in-depth as ever, leaving your carpets smelling fresh as the day they got installed.

office cleaning


3. Hard Floor Surface Care

Hard floors need the attention of commercial janitor services because while they might seem easy to clean, only a professional cleaning company can hope to get the job done right. They have the tools to clean any hard floor, and they can also handle general maintenance as well as deep cleaning on your hard floors, covering all of your office cleaning needs.


4. Eco-Friendly Cleaning

It takes more than eco-friendly cleaning products to ensure the safety of the environment when janitorial cleaning jobs are taking place. Environmentally-conscious cleaning company Shine knows this, and also uses eco-friendly equipment like microfiber mops and cloth to stay safe.


Cleaning Services near Me

If you’re looking for the highest-quality office cleaning money can buy, you can’t go wrong with Shine Facility Services. They offer services that many other companies don’t, and they continuously prune their employees to ensure they have only the best working for them. Shine takes extra care to protect the environment while cleaning your offices and buildings, and yet they still manage to get the job done at a higher level of quality than their competition.

When it comes to cleaning your office, Shine Facility Services is head and shoulders above their competition in every way, a claim backed by their many satisfied customers.

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Facility Management 101: How to Paint a Room

If your business operates out of a commercial building, the chances are that at one point you’ll see someone painting an office space in your building. Unless the rooms were all freshly painted when you rented the area, it’s likely that you have a place or two that require a fresh paint job to look nice. If you already know how to paint a room, you might even try it yourself.

But painting a room isn’t as easy as it sounds. It requires a lot more than a few cans of paint, some rollers, and a day to let it dry. There are many steps and considerations to be taken along that way that could make or break your paint job should you fail to carry them out.

Let’s go through the process of painting a room in a commercial building or office space so you can know of everything you need to know. We also outline everything you need to remember before you begin the process of painting it or hiring professional facility services.

how to paint a room Shine Facility Services

How to Paint a Room – Office Edition

The first thing you should do is pick out which office paint colors you want in your room. If you don’t want to deal with the many problems that cheap paint can bring, you should shop around for the best interior paint you can find. Your business deserves nothing less than the best.

Next, you’ll need the proper equipment like hand rollers, paint primer, plastic to lay down on the floors, and any specific painting tools you might need to paint around windowsills or other features on the walls, like paint sprayers.

One important thing to keep in mind is that you’ll need to have a small step ladder available and long paint handles to reach all the way to the ceiling. Be sure only to use synthetic bristles if your paint is latex-based because natural bristles will clog up and absorb water.

Make sure to prep the wall before you paint it, removing any grease or grime, and sanding away any rough spots. Dry the area well before you start painting.

You should try to get the entire room done in a single day if possible. Remember to do a thorough job, so there are no thin spots or missed areas. If you find yourself painting over new plaster, heavily soiled areas, or wallboard, you’ll want to apply a sealer coating on the substrate before you begin.

If you wish to apply a second coat, it’s best to do it in the same timeframe, so you don’t have to go through the process of re-prepping the area. This is a simple instruction on how to paint a room; the reality is that there is more that goes into it.

how to paint a room Shine Facility Services

Harder Than It Sounds

If all these steps seem like extra work, we recommend hiring facility management services that know how to paint a room. They can get it done quickly, easily, and professionally. Best of all they already have all the materials on hand!