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Deep Clean Prior to Reopening After the Pandemic Closures

As many businesses prepare to reopen, they realize the impact a lack of maintenance has had over the past year plus! Layers of dust, cobwebs floating from ceilings, dirty window treatments, yellowed toilet fixtures and just the normal soiling one expects when offices and facilities are uninhabited for extended periods!

And, while it seems unlikely that there will be any active COVID-19 in such environments, we clean for all the normal reasons but also for health and safety. We want to our clients to be able to reassure their employees, clients and customers that they can patronize your business without fear and that you have gone the extra step to provide for their safety!

Our Deep Cleaning and Disinfecting Process:

We deep clean first and disinfect using Covid-19 disinfecting procedures, which includes a residual anti-microbial that protects surfaces for 90 days!

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